FROM I TO WE was the exploration of the landscape of human connectedness and collective action of inhabitants of Manorhamilton and surroundings. Artist Susanne Bosch takes a strong interest in the resilience of local communities through collective action. The artist explored the question of recognizing interdependence and living together as an art of cohabitation out of conviction but also based on the insight of urgent necessity. Meitheal describes the old Irish tradition where people in rural communities gathered together to help each other. Reciprocity and acting as one team is generating a huge level of camaraderie and friendship.

FROM I TO WE uses formats such as public conversations, collective songwriting, tracing public space and a multi-media installation to engage with site and public. It is based on co-creation and recognizing significant local talents and expertise as well as ideas and visions. All September until 3rd October 2015.IMG_9005 IMG_8997 IMG_8975Images S.Bosch, 2015

IMG_9021 IMG_9020 IMG_9011


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