Mairead and Rob…Community. Conversation. Collaboration. Celebration. 26th Sept.

HI All
Inspired by lots of happenings in the locality lately and in particular by the Glens to Sea conversations and lots of conversations around the inspirational homes weekend, we have been particularly struck by the level of people’s interest in more collaboration at a community level. The current Artist in Residence at the Sculpture Centre, Susanne Bosch, commented that the “lack of a ‘place’ where meaningful encounters can take place”  was mentioned to her by a number of people she interviewed.   Having really enjoyed the energy created by people coming together we thought that we’d like more of the same, because of that we are inviting you to our home on Saturday September 26th between 4 and 7pm to continue and expand the conversation. The themes so far have been around  celebration, the shared economy,  shared projects, a revival of meitheal, sharing resources e.g. tools, books, seeds, plants, garden space etc, sharing knowlege and skills,  potential of a LETS system, etc the floor is yours to expand on any other themes.
Soup, bread, tea and coffee  will be provided and anybody wishing  to bring ‘pot luck’ contributions for us all to share will be most welcome.  Children are very welcome.
We hope to do this on a monthly basis and see where it goes,  so if you are interested and can’t make this time there will be more opportunities.
Looking forward to seeing you then,  if you’ve any questions let us know.
Mairead and Rob

IMG_9384IMG_9369 IMG_9370

IMG_9372 IMG_9373 Images G. Wibbelmann, 2015 IMG_9375 IMG_9376 IMG_9381 IMG_9382 IMG_9383


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